27. feb. 2010

26th World Wide Sketch Crawl

Kimon Nicolaides writes that if he had to recommend one thing more than anything else,that teaches you to draw, it would be 'To draw - uninterrupted, furious, careful'.
I tried to follow this and it was the Sketch Crawl where I have been most productive.. and furios maybe. I really like about this quote that one should be furious and careful at the same time. I have a feeling thinking like this when drawing will be the right way

I think simply catch frases can improve my drawing, like the Nicolaïdes one .
When I look through my earlier sketch books I have noticed that there is a lot of unfinished drawing. I started on a face but didn't draw the hait, half a bicycle there, a branch of a tree with half of the leaves put in. And i think its a problem. I think to better at drawing you have to practice you concentration your fokus. so I invented this drawing catch frase
"Never abandon a drawing"
I am the Captain of every drawing I do so I have to finish it. if I don't whant to finished it I shouldn't have put my pencil to the paper In the first place.
In this drawing of the shop with the red sign I use this sentence. I started with the man walking with a soda and I think he came out bad. but I forced myself to continue. I had already drawn the frame so I couldn't say that my intension was only to draw the man. I made the drawing. and it's not the best drawing, but I'm pretty proud that I stayed on my drawing and we went down together.

I have had some problems by putting people into my drawing of buildings and rooms, here I tried some thing new, I put in the people first and then drew the room after,
Ii could be a nice thing to do, but I have to try it out some more

went to Hovedbanegården og Fisketorvet and Bio Mio